Robotic lawn mowers

Perfect lawn
with no effort

Take your garden to the next level

With fully automatic ORBEX robotic lawn mower your grass will always be perfectly cut and you will have more time to just sit back and relax.

Advanced cutting system

Three blade cutting system saves energy and ensures cutting quality. Cutting motor rotates forwards and backwards, helping the blades last 2 times longer.

Advanced weather sensors

Your robotic mower returns to the charging station automatically when it starts to rain. Sunroof garage available as accessory.

Automatic return

Low battery? Your robotic mower automatically returns to charging station.

Collision sensor

The robotic mower automatically identifies and avoids obstacles.

Easy cleaning

The robot lawn mower can be washed directly with garden hose if the water pressure is less than 0.5Mpa.

Quick settings

Easily adjust cutting height and other settings thanks to digital display and convenient knob.

Smart connectivity

With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth support, you can use mobile app to control the robotic mower and update the software.

Tilt and lift sensors

The cutting motor will stop automatically when lifted, tilted or rolled over.

Works on uneven terrain

Floating blade helps it work on the uneven lawn and improves the carrying capacity by over 50%.

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(Polski) Kupuj tutaj:

(Polski) Kupuj tutaj:

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Do more with ORBEX 20V System

Use one battery with over 30 tools, including line trimmers, saws and multitools. Save time and money.

Choose capacity

We offer three battery sizes to better suit your needs.

Choose charger

Pick regular charger, dual port charger or ultra-compact model for travel.

Use and save

Batteries are compatible with all our 20V tools.
ORBEX 20V System

Download the ORBEX Robotic Mower App